Solarwind Damware Remote Everywhere.


1) I'm using Damware Remote Everywhere Cloud Version,

Want to know if there is a way to limit the idle Admin session time on WEB\Console,

I'm connecting to admin page with console\web and the session is open for 4-5 hours even if I idle or not near the pc,

I saw there is a option to limit the session (but it is for Remote Session Support Team - to User Session when idle more the 15min)

And I want to check about admin limits console\web.

2) I'm installing the MSI clients on our pcs,

but the user cant change the settings or admin mode,

it open and I dont see a option to lock it with a code or something like that,

I use the same MSI for all users to install and register to Damware Cloud.

any way to lock it?