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Anonymize the Dameware Remote Everywhere client in Windows image?

We built an image for our endpoints and as we are testing it, we noted that our Dameware console sees all the devices built off the image as the same machine. I am assuming there is some client ID that needs to be refreshed on each new machine that is built from the image.  I know this process might not be optimal, but it's the approach decided upon.  Two questions: (a) Is my assumption correct and (b) is there a way to have the Dameware client generate a new ID for itself after completing the build?

Any help would be appreciated!  Thanks.

  • We have been testing with deleting "C:\ProgramData\GetSupportService_Dameware\BASupSrvc.ini" and restarting the service.  The machines have generally been showing up in the Dameware console with their new hostname.  Not sure if we should anticipate issues because of this, but none observed at this point.