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Help configuring DRE with proxy server performing SSL scanning


We are currently trying to configure DRE for use in our environment (trial account) and our company uses the Z Scaler proxy application with SSL Scanning / Inspection turned on. When SSL scanning is turned on, the technician viewer client cannot connect to an end user's session, regardless if it is on the corporate network or off the corporate network. An error message pops up about configuration right after accepting the technician accepts the connection request from the client machine. The error is on the technician's machine. Also, if the external technician tries to access a machine that is on the corporate network, it pops up a similar message on the client's machine.

Any ideas on configuration for proxies that perform SSL inspection / scanning?

  • We figured this out. We had to use WireShark to see the ports and sites DRE was trying to connect to and make them exempt. The following domains had to be exempt from certificate scanning on Z Scaler:

    All connections were successful once the above domains were added as exemptions to Z Scaler.