Requesting Admin Privileges through applet session

Once in a while, when starting a session with an end user and requesting admin privileges, I provide the credentials and the session reboots like normal, but then the end user gets a message that the applet has failed to start with administrator privileges. I have attempted to start a new session but the end user receives the same message.  Not sure what causes this but it would be great to find out what the issue is. Again, it doesn't happen all the time but enough to be frustrating. 

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

  • Whenever I've tried to provide admin credentials the session tries to reboot but it just hangs up and will not do anything until the end user cancels the UA prompt completely.  I either have to give them the admin password to enter (yikes) or we find another work around for whatever I'm trying to do.  It is extremely frustrating, I've never gotten this to work personally.