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over 2 years ago

Windows key and CTRL+ALT+INS implementation

Out of habit, when remote controlling another machine with Dameware MRC, we find ourselves hitting the windows key (like WinKey+R to bring up the run box) often.  However this invokes the run box on the local machine, not the machine in focus, during control.  In Microsoft RDP if you send Win key combinations, if the window is in focus, it passes this onto the remote controlled machine.

Also from heavily using vmware products (vsphere client, vmware workstation), pressing CTRL+ALT+INS when a machine is in focus invokes the CTRL+ALT+DEL "3 finger salute".  We find ourselves constantly pressing CTRL+ALT+INS to bring up the "3 finger salute" menu when a Dameware MRC window is in focus, but nothing happens.  I know the system would take priority and capture CTRL+ALT+DEL, so this is why VMWare (and others) implemented CTRL+ALT+INS as a way to send this command to the machine when it has your input focus.