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over 1 year ago

Add ability to use smart card for authentication to remote hosts or update documentation

Currently smart card logon is an option for connecting to machines on the local lan but not for connecting to remote hosts.  When connecting to a remote host, the option is disabled.  The ability to use smart cards to authenticate to remote hosts is a highly touted feature of  Dameware (See links below).  Please enable the feature for internet sessions so that "remote hosts" also includes hosts that are not on the lan (remote).…

Smart Card Authentication - Military-grade Remote Login | Dameware

Limitations to Internet Sessions

  • A way for VNC to use it as well would be nice.  The admin guide only states Windows Vista or above.

    We use CentrifyDC and we need to use VNC to remote GDM sessions.  Only problem is that we need it for VNC in our DoD environment.