Dameware MRC remote connect dialog bugs

Our Dameware users are seeing an annoying bug with the remote connect dialog in Dameware MRC v12.2.2 (and 12.2.3 when we demoed it).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open the remote connect dialog.
  2. If there's a computer name in the 'host' field, delete it.
  3. If the 'host' field is blank, type something, and then delete it.
  4. As soon as the host field becomes blank, a modal dialog box is shown saying "Host name length can't be more than 128 or less than 1.".

A similar bug exists if you enter a completely invalid computer name such as ':::::::::::::::::'. A dialog appears for every character you type or delete, saying "host name is invalid - please enter a valid name".

Now, I understand why a blank name or one full of invalid characters, isn't going to work. I get that. The problem is the number of error messages shown in this state.

I'd propose solution as follows.

  1. Blank computer names should not generate an error. Instead, the 'connect' button should be disabled when the host name length = 0, and enabled when its length > 0. 
  2. When an invalid character is entered, the message box should be displayed, but when OK is pressed, the last character in the string should be removed. That should remove any offending characters as they are typed, and would prevent multiple message boxes from being shown with each character change.

This bug did not exist in older versions of Dameware, such as 7.5.

Lastly, there's another issue I'm aware of relating to the focus of the connect dialog. Sometimes (I'm not sure when), the connect dialog opens on screen as topmost item, but it isn't activated/doesn't have focus. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. This is different to Dameware 7.5 that we used previously, which always seemed to activate the connect dialog when it was opened. I haven't figured out why/when this happens, but it does happen quite a lot, which is frustrating.

Can these be fixed please?