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Does Dameware MRC Expose an API that Customers Can Access to Do Things Programmatically?

Like others have posted on this forum, our developers use Dameware MRC to access computers in a lab to test software.  There is contention for these resources, and we would like to improve the coordination of access.  The documentation for another Solar Winds product, Web Help Desk, mentions that it can be integrated with Dameware MRC in such a way that users logged in to Web Help Desk can launch a Dameware MRC session on a target computer and be switched from Web Help Desk to the Dameware session on the target computer.

To make this possible, MRC would need to expose an API for Web Help Desk to call to create the session, etc. 

We would like to develop our own wrapper around Dameware MRC just for our internal use that would utilize that API to do something different.  Our users would log on to our software first, which would be keeping track of who is using each lab computer.  If the no one is currently logged on to an MRC session on the target computer, this wrapper would launch the session like Web Help Desk does, and the user would have access; otherwise, it would do things to help coordinate resources, like telling you the identity of the person currently logged on, and possibly email or text you when the other person logs off and the target computer is available for you, maybe even reserve access for you.

My question is, is the API that Web Help Desk accesses to programmatically launch a remote session available for public use by licensed customers, and if so, how would I get a copy of it?