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Remove Dameware Remote Mini Control version

My company is looking into removing a deprecated version of the Dameware Remote Control agent from our remote PCs.  The issue that we have is that these machines seldomly connect to the VPN or go into an office.  This means that there’s no way to for us to remove the service via the Dameware management console.  We do have a third party management utility installed that is able to run scripts and tasks remotely.  This version of Dameware is getting flagged as a vulnerability by the security scanning software that we use and simply removing the service via command line doesn’t remove the vulnerability.  Does anyone have a script to remove the service and all related information?

  • Have you tried something like:

    $appList =  Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Product
    $damewareinstalls = $applist | Where-Object{ $_.Name -like '*Dameware*' }
    if ($damewareinstalls.count -eq 0) {
    elseif ($damewareinstalls.count -eq 1) {
    else {
    	foreach ($install in $damewareinstalls) {

  • Absolute legend.  That appears to be working.  

  • Will this pick up Dameware mini remote control installs that are installed hidden? (Not listed in add/remove programs)

    This has been the case in the two orgs I've used it, and I wound up relying on manual commands from elevated command prompts to get it done:

    c:\windows\dwrcs\dwrcs.exe -remove
    rd /s c:\windows\dwrcs
    reg delete "hklm\Software\DameWare Development"

    powershell equivalents:

    (however you prefer to launch dwrcs.exe with argument -remove)
    (if spawned process, wait for exit)
    Remove-Item -Path "C:\Windows\dwrcs" -Recurse -Force
    Remove-Item -Path "HKLM:\Software\DameWare Development" -Recurse -Force