Dameware Centralized Server - Useless?


Hi all,

i am sorry but i have to say i really expected more from Dameware Centralized Server. I installed the Centralized Server today (no proxy, no gateway), but this tool is just useless in my opinion.

Installation was easy yes, but after an hour i have to say: It is only usefull for centralized license management, thats all! If you have just a few licenses, dont waste your time and manage them manually.

Things i am really missing (and i think i am not alone requesting such features)

- only AD User Import, no real AD integration. Hence you have to manage your users manually.

- no Rights Managment - only admin or no admin

- no centralized config management

- no autologin with DRMC or DRMS

Global host list:

- No rights management (user only should have access to a few hosts / folders)

- no centralized and advanced settings for hosts entries (only connect with RDP to a specific host) settings will be ignored if you connect via DRMC

- its just a list of your favourites, not more not less.

Is there a wishlist for product improvement? When is the next update planned?



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