Dameware Centralized Server - Useless?


Hi all,

i am sorry but i have to say i really expected more from Dameware Centralized Server. I installed the Centralized Server today (no proxy, no gateway), but this tool is just useless in my opinion.

Installation was easy yes, but after an hour i have to say: It is only usefull for centralized license management, thats all! If you have just a few licenses, dont waste your time and manage them manually.

Things i am really missing (and i think i am not alone requesting such features)

- only AD User Import, no real AD integration. Hence you have to manage your users manually.

- no Rights Managment - only admin or no admin

- no centralized config management

- no autologin with DRMC or DRMS

Global host list:

- No rights management (user only should have access to a few hosts / folders)

- no centralized and advanced settings for hosts entries (only connect with RDP to a specific host) settings will be ignored if you connect via DRMC

- its just a list of your favourites, not more not less.

Is there a wishlist for product improvement? When is the next update planned?



  • I have to agree with this.

    My top gripes are the fact that Global Host entries don't remember my login settings is very annoying, I end up going right back to having a locally saved list.  And the lack of auto login is a real pet peeve when I'm opening multiple windows.

    As things are, the Centralized server, which I though was going to help me a lot, is bringing little to no value.

  • Definitely agree.  Not much there to get excited about

  • Is there a roadmap for this feature? We, too, find the centralized server to be pretty much useless. We were excited about this feature because we wanted an easy way to manage hosts. But, when adding a host, the only field is a host name/IP address--no other identifying information like comments, descriptions, etc. All of our machines are named via asset number (agx-036321) so we need something more to see than just a host name. We need a way to link users to to machines. We have done that in AD where we've entered the user's name/location/etc. into the computer description field in AD. We were hoping to take advantage of this, but it doesn't seem to be the case. For now, centralized server is useless to use and will not be using it again until some significant improvements are made.

  • Thanks for the comments and suggestions!  Keep in mind that this is just the first iteration of the Central Server.  We definitely have plans to develop it further and we're always looking for input from DameWare users to help us decide the right way forward for product development.  I would encourage you to view our 'What We're Working On' page for DRS to see what the roadmap looks like What We're Working On - DameWare .  Also, be sure to request features on this page:  DameWare DRS Feature Requests

    I'd love to hear more about how you and everyone else on this thread is using DW in your environments.  Please feel free to respond on this thread or message me directly if you have any questions or if you feel like sharing info about your usage of DW.



  • I forgot the Global Host List supported aliases, but those aliases don't transfer over in a convenient manner on the MRC client.


    For example, in the screenshot I posted above, the Alias is displayed on the left but not on the right. On the right I can't tell which user the computer is assigned to.

    Also, if you ever do implement this feature--a filtering search box is a must, especially with a large number of computers (we have 200 which probably isn't a lot compared to other organizations). Under the Name dropdown, you could put a search box that would perform a "search as you type" search and filter the hosts (including aliases).

    Also, while I'm at it, the Active Directory Computers needs some major reworking. We have computers belonging to multiple OUs so it would be nice to be able to drill down by OU instead of showing every machine in the domain. Even add a feature similar to DRS where you can add a "favorite" OU and have quick access to it. Heck--all of our hosts are in AD so the global host list is kind of redundant to us. Unless you can bridge AD and the global hosts list together.

    I may post these over to your feature request page.

  • All good points!  Yes...please do post them on the feature request page.  You'll see there that you can also vote on other feature requests.