Uninstalling Dameware agents V

Good afternoon Solarwinds community,

     I've inherited a network that used to run dameware as their remote desktop management program. We've moved to a new platform already and in the interests of security we want to completely uninstall the agent on all of the client computers. The thing is though that the only indication that the software exists is by seeing it running in the system tray, there's no entry for it in control panel and manually deleting folders and registry keys on every PC in the network is very inefficient. I found where the main program "Dameware NT Utilities" sits on our network and I'm able to open it up there. What I need assistance with is generating a list of all of the PCs that have the agent running and then remotely uninstalling it through the management program.

Thank you in advance for any insight you can provide here,

  • Hi jdenis,

    If I understand your challenge right than I have same issue, but only because driver causes issues on some computers.

    In order to remove the Agent/Driver, log in to the PC go to Device Management and under Display Adapters remove Dameware driver.

    Unfortunately there is no way of remotely getting rid of it.

    I have requested Solarwinds to make DMRC automatically remove Agent/ driver on disconnection but not sure how that is going....

    If you want to find out which PCs are affected I would suggest creating batch script and deploying with something like P*Q De***y  or S**M ( not want to make advertising here :-)  )

    Hope that helps...


  • Has there been an update on this? I'm in the process of removing all Dameware agents in our environment.