HELP! Mini Remote with Central Server will not connect to any Win10 Machine

Dameware Version 12.1

Running in Centralized Mode with Seperate Proxy Server on DMZ. All necessary ports verified open.

I have finally reached the end of my patience and so has my employer. We purchased Dameware Remote Support with Centralized Server to meet client support needs and support our employees worldwide during the Covid-19 response as we have been migrating thousands of people to Work At Home. Everything we run is on Windows 10. 1809/1903/1909. All kept up to date. So far all functions of Mini Remote and Central Server work except for the one we purchased this for. Remote Host connection. We can connect via temporary internet session link. We are unable to connect to machines that have downloaded the client from the permanent link if they are Win10. I can connect to Win7 and Server 16. More than two weeks of troubleshooting, daily Solarwinds support calls and this is still not working. I am in the hot seat now as I suggested this product to my employer as a solution to our need. Now it does not work. Have always been a huge fan of Dameware, this has been a very disappointing experience.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. My tail is seriously on the line here and I am not sure if Dameware realizes the position they have put me in.