Mini Remote causing desktop settings to change for user

We have recently started using Dameware and Mini Remote.  When I use  Mini Remote to connect to a users pc I'm finding that it changes their desktop display settings. These changes are tied to mini remote because they were reported within a minute of me connecting to their pc for the first time.  And, it was reported by users in the order in which I connected to their pc's.   One right after the other.   I'm aware of two specific changes:   the color scheme changes (minor in the big picture but it's the little things that keep them happy), the task bar for example was a deep blue now it's a muted gray color.    The biggest complaint is that the windows preview when you mouse over an application icon in the task bar changes from window previews to a list.   Previously, if you had multiple word documents open and had it set to not combined icons it would show one Word icon in the task bar.  If you would mouse over the Word icon it would pop up little windows for each document you had open and as you mouse over each window preview it would temporarily display that document maximized on the screen.  Now, it only pops up a list, that's in, no interactive preview or anything.

With my previous employer I used mini remote extensively and did not see this happen.  Please help, my name is mud with several users because of this.

Your insight and expertise is appreciated.

Joatta Sayles

  • Please check the Dameware Settings on your system. On the Remote Connect Screen, close it and on the Main window select View> Default Host Properties.

    under Remote Options select Desktop Effects. Ensure that everything is checked.

    I have tested my MRC connection to different systems, and I am currently connected to a Windows 10 system and it displays the Aero visual mouse over. I did have Desktop Pattern and Font Smoothing Disabled.

  • Thank you for the suggestion. I found that Desktop Pattern and Font Smoothing were also disabled in our settings. After enabling them and connecting to one of the effected users, it did not improve their situation. Any other thoughts?

  • Make sure to have the Desktop Effects are all not checked

    - on the MRC Console > View, go to Default Host Properties or

    - on the Remote Connect, click the Settings icon > Remote Options


    Hope that works for you. If not, PM me so we could troubleshoot further.

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