Self Contained Web Script to Connect a Client to Your Remote Session ID With Ease of Use

I want to show everyone how to do something similar to what go to meeting does with their Session ID Client Download functionality on their website. This is my first post, but I feel like this is what Dameware needs to be competitive against other contenders when we aren't talking about only using RS within a network environment. So all of us can benefit from letting our users have ease of access when connecting from outside our network.

Especially for Computer Repair Shops like mine, I feel like adding functionality like this gives a Remote Support Client and Management Tool like this alot more versatility in the types of markets it can be used in.

Now a client goes to our website, and I give them a number, they press accept and I'm connected. This may not be for everyone but hopefully it helps someone.

Not only does this make it as simple to use for retail markets as go to meeting,, logmein, teamviewer, screen connect,etc..., but it gives me the extra network functionality that I can use when I am working with the larger clients such as school districts and local government that those previously mentioned tools do not have.

Customer Service was helping me with my third party SSL Certs and saw that we had this setup, said it was really cool and unique and asked me to post it here, I'm happy to share!

So without further ado, here it is!

Remote Support Script - JSFiddle

So all the code is there, including comments in the HTML that obviously need to be removed prior to use.

(How We Use It)

Should you want to self contain this into one file, to use inside an existing page, or on a page like WordPress

where there isn't a good way to call to an external file since all the data in wordpress is stored within the DB:

Place Your URL & the first part of your download directory into the code where it says

The java script needs the tags "<script type="text/javascript"></script>"

The stylesheet needs to be placed between the tags "<style type="text/css"></style>"

(Other Uses)

Otherwise keep the files separate and place the stylesheet and script into the same folder on your site.

(you will have to build a complete webpage for this html code to be a part of it is not a complete webpage)

Feel free to let me know what you think

  • You said this works like but in Logmein i go to the webpage and can see all my PC's where i have the app installed and i can connect to any of them. So if i am on the road and they are too i am able to still connect in, or connect to a server from the road.  I would rather use Dameware but i don't want a session ID or anything.