When will the Windows 10 and Server 2016 RDP client authentication issues be fixed?

We have had an open case since August 2nd 2019 that was easily reproducible by tech support and development.  When changing the RDP credentials during the connection attempt or even pausing for a minute or so during an RDP connection attempt it will crash DWMRC.  This only happens with Windows 10 and Server 2016.  Windows 7/2008R2 works correctly.  We tried several older version of DWMRC and they all have the same issue with Win10/2016.

The last information update we had was over a month ago that some future version of DWMRC would address this known issue.  v12.1 HF3 did not address it and we are getting no responses back on the ticket in more than 30 days despite repeated requests.

Is there some other information available we are not aware of?  Has anyone else seen similar issues?

Thank you for any insight or help you can provide.