Multiple instances of Dameware do not "reconnect" to the same computer

Doing computer setup I may run 8 instances of Dameware MRC connected to 8 different machines.  Lets call the computer names PC1 through PC8 in this example.

Say I'm finishing up some windows updates on these pc's and I go to restart them.  Obviously after the "restarting" animation, Dameware disconnects and its just a white box.  I then go to hit the reconnect icon a few minutes later when I think the machine should be booted back up, but dameware usually CHANGES the computer name and reconnects to a different one of the 8.

This is a hassle especially if some are rebooting at different times or are at different parts of implementation, because say I hit reconnect on PC2, for some reason it may try to reconnect to PC8 which I already have a connection in another dameware window and then I get the box asking if I want to ask for a shared session.  

Its a terrible experience and I wish there was some way to get Dameware's reconnect button to actually reconnect to the computer name that is in the windows titlebar.  I'm on 64-bit and we are using Windows 10 in our environment.

I just did a test for example, I was connected on computer 844.  I purposely disconnected dameware and then hit reconnect.  It started to connect to computer 748!  I saw the name change in the titlebar from 844 to 748!  For some reason the reconnect button is trying to connect to another computer, possibly the last one I connected to.

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