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Hide "show content of folder" - permission in reports

First off we use the german ARM version so all namings are translated by me and therefore it may be called different in the EN version.

Now to the feature:

For Dataowners it would make the reports i.E. "who has access where" much more readable if the permission "show content of folder" would not show up in the report.

For example if a Permission on Level 5 is present which differs from the "partent-folder" on level 1 the report now shows the permissions "show content of folder" for level 1, 2, 3 and 4 and the actual read or read&execute permission on level 5.

The Dataowner do not care if the user need the permission "show content of folder" on level 1-4. He just want to know who read or write on which folders. This problem can get a Report unreadable very fast if just one list-group is pretty big (> 20 users).

We currently use this settings:

  • From a technical perspective you are 100% right. The ARM Report is correct and complete.

    It`s just that the report gets unnecessarily bloated by Listgroups, especially if they do have many members and/or the Folder is pretty deep down.

    For "normal" read/write permissions there is the switch "Only show Objects with changed permissions" - it would be nice to have something similar for the listgroups - or something like "Only show Objects with Read or Read/Write Access"

  • Maybe you should explain your dataowners what inheritance is all about because it's also very important to the dataowners to understand. Otherwise they can't use ARM properly. From that point of view the ARM report is totally correct and complete. If the report would lack the info of the folder levels 2-4 you couldn't tell which permissions are on these folders.

  • Hello,

    wow this was a quick reply :) Thank you!
    Unfortunately this does not solve my problem :/ i just testet it (after alterting the pnserver.config.xml, restarting the server and checking the box in the Report config)

    Altough the permission "show content of folder" does not appear in the report anymore, the read and read & execute permissions of level 1-4 folders are shown nontheless. (example from above)

    Maybe i have to clarify a bit more:

    With Levels i mean Deapth in the Filesystem (Level 2 is Subfolder of level 1, etc.)

    Level 1 Folder  #    Permissions: Person A,B and C | Read/Write | Inheritance Enabled

    Level 5 Subfolder # Permissions: Person D / A,B and C inherited | Read/Write

    For this to work the ACE needs the List-permission on Folder Level 1-4, easy.

    But the ARM Report no show me something like this:

    Level 1 Folder  #    Permissions: Person A,B and C | Read/Write 

    Level 2 Folder  #    Permissions: Person A,B and C | Read/Write 

    Level 3 Folder  #    Permissions: Person A,B and C | Read/Write 

    Level 4 Folder  #    Permissions: Person A,B and C | Read/Write 

    Level 5 Folder  #    Permissions: Person A,B,C and D | Read/Write 

    Out of a Dataowner perspective it is not clear why the Folders on Level 2,3 and 4 are shown because there are no differing permissions from the Parent Folder 1.
    Therefore the Report should only shown Permissions for Folder Level 1 and 5

  • Hello Timo, there is a server config switch which enables to disable the list view ;-). <reports.parameter.isVisible.SuppressListDirectory type="System.Boolean">true</reports.parameter.isVisible.SuppressListDirectory> Just put this in your pnserver.config.xml