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over 1 year ago

ARM for Orion Platform Local, AD users, AD groups... monitoring & audit

Orion Platform can provide with details of user (local & Remote) the last login and current privileges but not audit friendly. ARM can do a good job in identifying local & AD user and verify the current status of user on AD and also the group information to monitor & validate the associated privileges on Orion platform.

Orion Platform provides not just Monitoring but also Management capabilities via modules like NCM. ARM can help secure the Orion Platform from unwanted user.

  • The Orion platform must support a user audit -

    • how many users logged on to the Orion platform (irrespective of whether they use Network modules like NPM, NTA etc, System modules like SAM, SRM etc or both)
    • who logged on from what IP address
    • what time did they logon / logoff
    • what privileges do these users have on the platform

    Large organizations have regulatory requirements to provide the above data that is audit friendly.

    These reports should be directly available from the Orion platform itself and not necessarily rely on additional modules like ARM.