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Add parameter userPrincipalName to arm-script config when using "before action" OR add "Delete Useraccount" to the "after action" section

Our workflow when a user leasves the compay looks like this:

1. At the Day the user leaves we Soft delete the user in ARM. A script is applied AFTER Soft-deleting clearing licenses, Phone numbers etc out of his AD-User

2. After 2 months we want to finally delete the AD-User with ARM and thereby delete the users homes and fs-logix-profile Directory. The Problem:

Choosing "Before Action" in the scriptconfig does not let me chose "Delete Useraccount"w

Chooing "After Action" in the scriptconfig doesn't have the the same paramters for passing to the script - i.e. userprincipalname is missing.

This PS-script could be much more straight forward if the same paramters would be available - and i don't see why this could not be the case?