ARM 2020.2.3 - gRPC could not connect to the ARM server

Hi Everyone,

After performing an ARM installation(express installation) and when running ARM Configuration Wizard, stuck in 'Server Starting' status.

then i change value of technology type in pnServer.config.xml from gRPC to Tcp and now ARM Configuration Wizard connected.

tcp.PNG connected.PNG

but, when running ARM Configuration an error appears as follows: 


in pnServer log look like this:


i followed the instructions from but it didn't work.

anyone have same problem?

condition : firewall is off and new installation windows server 2016.



  • Don't change it to TCP because that breaks the system. Just like you experienced. It's no longer supported.

    A symptom coming from the missing cypher suites is usually a restart-loop of the armServer.exe.

    The Wizard works with GRPC enabled. I could only imagine it connects differently. There must be something else have gone wrong in your system.

    Just to be sure you could stop the ARM service, delete the generated certificates stored in %ProgramData%\\8MAN\cfg\security\server
    When the ARM Service is started again, new certificates will be generated. This should give it a clean start and should allow you connecting to the Config UI (not the wizard, but that should also work).

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