How to create a workflow?

We have installed SW ARM and ARM configuration. How can I create a workflow for adding an account in ARM. HR will send an email to the site admin to add new user to ARM. The site admin will not only add the user but will also launch a form for all attributes to be approved. Is there any particular module that need to be added?

  • The first part will be creating your workflow which will be in the web client. It should be under the option for 'workflows'. You can make it as simple or as complex as you want and specify exactly who you want to be part of the process.

    For the next part, in the configuration client, in the Data Owner area is where you'll need to specify which workflow you want to use. It looks like a lot of noise, but it's pretty straight forward. There will be an area to identify your data owners, an area for your requestors, and down below will be what resources you'll be 'marketing' and a list for all your resources. At the very top is where you will specify which workflow you want to use.