Pure reading rights _r in upper level folder automatically issued out by ARM

Hello Community,

I am trying to setup ARM on our new File-Server. Scenario is:

"Finance" directory in the root of the server. This is mapped for the people in the financial accounting. None of the gentlemen should be given the right to save files in this folder or create new directories, pure _r rights. Now there is a sub-folder "Internal". Here I want to set
the _rw flag for the colleagues to be able to administer themselves. Following question: Is there a setting in ARM which automatically activates _r for the higher-level instances of the directory structure or display folder contents _ld for the allowed users?
So that they at least can move down through the dir structure like in Explorer to the folders
for which ones have the _rw rights?

Otherwise they will simply get the no access error notification in WIndows...

Thank You and best regards...
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