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we gave all our workers to ability to use the ARM Web Self Service Portal to adjust some of their AD Attributes (not all attributes are working/shown but i opened a support Ticket for them).

Now we want to take the next step (if it is possible).

As u can suggest we cant give our workers the ability over all their AD Attributes. Like the naming values: givenname, surname, displayname, samaccountname, alias, userprincipalname and so on, because they are related and some of them are for fullfilling important functions.

BUT we want to enable changing their name after a wedding or something like that.

So it came into my mind, that i could write a script, to let them input their new name and all the related naming values are getting changed via our changing logic (script).

Now i have two questions:

1. Is it possible to assign Scripts to the SelfService (Role)? And how? (there isnt a SelfService Dataownership where i can assign Scripts). Iam hoping that via SelfService there will be an easy way to pass the logged in user name to the script, so that they can only change their name and not from others...

2. If it isn't possible to assign Scripts to the Role SelfService how can i achieve this?

Iam thinking of further Scripts for SelfService it would make the work easier 4 our sysadmins.

thx in advance



  • Hi HPSAdmin,

    there is a solution.

    1.) You could create an Open Template which allows to insert the new surname. There is an open template example in place to deactivate a user.

    Instead using the user picker you only should forward the new name and the json object to later identify the requester. This new Open Template can be used for the data owner configuration and request-able in a e.g. self service organization by the domain users group without an approval workflow.

    Use the example which creates a membership in a dedicated group for the requester for more details.



  • Thx for this suggestion and especially for the example.

    I managed to get the Name with the OpenTemplate Method...

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