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Error FS Logga - MiniTrcUser::MiniTrcUser_Attach_Drive

We are installing evaluation copy of Solarwinds ARM and trying to setup FS Logga, however when enabled the scan we are getting the following in the Logbook:

Exception error: " MiniTrcUser::MiniTrcUser_Attach_Drive leave with errors. -2145452017"

Which turns of the scan.

When running fltmc on the File Server, I can see minitrc with 0 instance and the service is running, it stops running after enabling FS Logga in Configuration.

Not sure what to look at now, we have installed the C++ Redistributable with no change.

Here are the errors found in Event Viewer:

[    412|IPRS-AD-04     |pnTracer    |468.1|  1|IPRSGROUP\SYSTEM        |pn.tracer.ntfs.Trac…ControlContainerNtfs|210625| 9:01:45.976|Error      ]                 TracerControlContainerFsBase.logCollectorLog(Object source, LogEventArgs args): MiniTrcUserLib.MiniTrcUser:  MiniTrcUser::MiniTrcUser_Stop_Trace leave fails with error -2147024890

[    405|IPRS-AD-04     |pnTracer    |468.1|  1|IPRSGROUP\SYSTEM        |pn.tracer.ntfs.Trac…ControlContainerNtfs|210625| 9:01:45.973|Error      ]                 TracerControlContainerFsBase.logCollectorLog(Object source, LogEventArgs args): MiniTrcUserLib.MiniTrcUser:  MiniTrcUser::MiniTrcUser_Detach_Drive leave with errors. -2145452013

[    985|IPRS-AD-04     |pnCollector |9080.1|  6|IPRSGROUP\SYSTEM        |pn.tracer.ntfs.TracerManagerNtfs        |210625| 9:01:45.021|Error      ] TracerManagerBase.SetConfiguration(TracerConfiguration newConfig): Tracer start failed with Failed:  MiniTrcUser::MiniTrcUser_Attach_Drive leave with errors. -2145452017

Any help would be appreciated.

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