Create User Template - How to integrate the manager search


i am creating several Create New User Templates for different purposes with prefilled AD attributes. I have two questions:

1. How can i add the Search for the Manager, which is available in the built in template? I cant find a code for that.

2. How can i add the co (country) attribute. Also for that attribute i cant find a code.

thx in advance for your help


  • Hi There,

    here is how to add the manager attribute to the template:

            "Name": "manager",
            "Definition": {
              "Type": "SearchField",
              "Label": "Manager",
              "ObjectType": "Account",
              "IsEnabled": true,
              "IsObjectSearchable": true,
              "Filters": {
                "ActiveDirectory": "(Status & 0) = 0"

    In regard of the country, there are actually 3 different attributes (c, co, countryCode). I would be interested in setting them as well. 

  • hey there, 

    thx for the snippet, works fine Slight smile

    i am looking for the co attribute (the dropdown list in AD)