ARM customize reports

Hi there,

I know it's possible to customize the look of the reports (colour, CI).

Could someone point me to the manual on how to configure it?



  • I would like to raise the question again.

    We would love to customize some reports or generally create our own reports.

    We would like to have a report that shows us the members of all selected groups (including the information whether the users' accounts are enabled or disabled).
    There is the "Account Details" report, which shows exactly this information, but also other information that we don't want to see in the report, such as "Object GUID", "Object SID", "Group Type", etc.

    Does anyone have an idea how to customize reports?

  • The color, icon and company logo custumization theoretically does still work but since the rebranding and rededign from 8MAN to ARM it does not look pretty anymore and barely works. I would not recommend it anymore.

    And all reports in the are fix, no further customization in what they show except what you can set in the report settings.

    -  why don't you want to see these informations? What's the use case?

  • Hi Björn,

    an employee wanted to know which user accounts are members of certain security groups.
    In addition, she wanted to know which of these accounts are deactivated and which are activated.

    To provide her with this information, we could have opened the security groups in Active Directory and taken screenshots of the members.
    Or we could have listed the members manually in an Excel spreadsheet.

    But the more groups there are, the more complicated this procedure becomes.

    We therefore wanted to use ARM reports, because the ARM collects all the necessary information anyway.
    Unfortunately, however, no report provides the desired information.

    As mentioned above, the "Account Details" report comes closest to this.
    However, there is information here that is irrelevant to the employee and therefore causes confusion.

    Group reports can also be generated via the ARM web portal, but unfortunately only one group can be selected at a time, which in turn creates a relatively large workload.

    Since the ARM has all the information, a freely configurable report would be a huge improvement.

    There are many other examples where the ARM reports are not sufficient.

  • Ah ok, it's just to avoid confusion. Especially with non-technical people this is usually true.

    But yeah, the account details report is meant to give you the needed information, as you said yourself.

    It would be a feature request to change the report this way.

    And yeah, Analyze can do that like you said, but the main focus here is bulk operations and quick infos.