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Template (Exchange Module)


Inside a template I would like to be able to select 'Address book policy' as shown in the screenshot:

The code example  below the screenshot doesn't seem to have this paramter and I was wondering what this parameter is called and also if there are more to add.


  • This is from the latest example template:

    /*(optional) If you delete/disable the following section the address book policy is not set.
    Note: The address book policy does not work for some mailbox types (see aspiredMailboxType) */
    // Do not change the next line.
    "Name": "AddressBookPolicy",
    "Definition": {
    "Type": "DropDownList",
    "DefaultValue": "Policy1",
    "Label": "['en-us:Address book policy','de-de:Adressbuchrichtlinie','fr-fr:Politique du carnet d\\'adresses']",
    "IsRequired": false,
    "Items": [
    "Value": "Policy1",
    "DisplayValue": "display name for policy"
    "Value": "Policy2",
    "DisplayValue": "Another display name"

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