ntfs inheritance handling

Good morning everybody,
the handling of inheritance, especialy the disabling of the mentioned, differs in ARM.
1. deactive inheritance on an existing folder says: permissions are copied but inherit ARM permissions are not. Why?

2. Creating a new folder and deactive the inheritance in the dialog, creates a folder with the ARM permissions copied. Why?



  • Hi Allmecht,

    thanks for your deep interest in ARM.

    1. The break of the inheritance of a folder skips the ARM managing groups, because you create a new "starting point" and for that you also need new managing groups. The idea behind is one folder - a couple of managing groups according to the defined access rights.

    2. You are right, the handling I described above is missing inside the "Create New Directory" function. According to our philosophy it would also have to be treated here. I will create a new feature request to be able to track it. Thanks for your help. - nobody is perfect.

    Kind regards


  • Hello Norbert,
    I can agree with that approach. But a more better solution from my point of view would be the possibility to choose which groups to copy or not.
    An example will make my point clear. 
    Directory structure:
    - root_folder
      - folder_level2
        - folder_level3

    The permissions are all set with ARM, so everything is fine so far. The root_folder has a FS_root_folder_RO permission group which contains the account to read the NTFS permissions which is used in the scan config.
    So, if I break the inheritance on folder_level3 and no groups are copied I will loose the ability to read the permissions on folder_level3 and below.
    That's why it would be great if I could choose to have the FS_root_folder_RO group an folder_level3.