Install Collector on Exchange - Fail

Hello guys,

im pretty new in the forum and in Access Rights Manager. So i would like to ask you about my problems in installing collectors on exchange server 2016.

We have 3 Exchange Server 2016 CU 18. (It is a Cluster).

First of all i installed only the Collector on each exchange server (by starting the .exe) (same was as on the Fileserver)

The Installation said it was successful.

Then i wanted to add the collector in ARM Configuration. I am able to find the exchange server, and it tries to connect to the collector but it always says: System.Management.Automation.Remoting.PSRemoting.Transportion.Exception

So i am not able to add the collectors from the exchange servers and i cant use it for Exchange Scans.

The User which i use while installing the collector, or trying to connect to it is a domain admin.

I allowed the Traffic on FortiGate between the ARM Server and the 3 Exchange server in both diretions. Standard Port

I created a service Account and put it to AD Group "Organization Management" but i guess that has nothing to do with installation of collector.

I appreciate if anybody has an idea, if i have to configure something special on exchange server, whatever..

The collectors on our 3 Fileservers work without any problems.

Thanks for your help

  • You don't need collectors on the Exchange server since scans are always remote via PowerShell.

    Even when installed locally it will be a remote scan, so to speak. You have zero advantages.

    The problem you face is not a collector problem but a configuration problem of the scan itself.

    Usually people tend to forget to configure the PSLanguageMode:

    But also it's tricky to find the correct authentication method, but default usually works.

    When the scan fails, you need to check the armServer logfile in C:\ProgramData\\8MAN\log on the ARM server. There should be a more specific error message.

  • Hi Leo,

    is there a specific reason why you are installing collectors on the exchange servers? Are you scanning each Exchange server on its own or are you scanning the DAG?

    In general it is not necessary to use collectors for the exchange scan. 

    Where do you see the exception that you have posted and which version of ARM are you running? (it sounds more like an error from a scan than an error from a collector connection)

    For the collectors to be able to communicate with the ARM Server port 55555 has to be opened. Collectors also have to be connected via FQDN in the newest versions, just using the hostname or ip address might lead to errors.

    Regarding exchange configuration for the scan I can recommend you read this: 

    That and the collector connection are two separate issues though.