What We're Working On for ARM (Updated: November 23, 2022)

Now that ARM 2022.4 is generally available, we are busy working on the next release. In ARM 2022.4, we delivered on creation of Azure AD guest accounts, Recertification of Azure AD group memberships, Exchange online improvements and integration into SolarWinds® Hybrid Cloud Observability. Please refer to the release notes for a broader overview of the release. 

Apart from new use cases in Security in Hybrid Cloud Observability, here is what we will focus in 2023 on:

  • Web client improvements:Resources, Template support, Account view
  • Hybrid Cloud Observability improvements: Launch ARM in context, A&A enhancements, O365 visualizations and Tags
  • Local shares/admins: Local account scanner improvements 
  • MFA: Multi-Factor Authentication

This list doesn't enumerate a lot of the features we're looking into for long term development and further releases. Since we continually use Thwack as one of our biggest sources of feedback, be sure to vote for features in Access Rights Manager Feature Requests forum.

This forum contains forward-looking statements regarding future product plans and development efforts. SolarWinds considers various features and functionality prior to any final generally available release. Information in this forum regarding future features and functionality is not and should not be interpreted as a commitment from SolarWinds that it will deliver any specific feature or functionality in the future or, if it delivers such feature or functionality, any time frame when that feature or functionality will be delivered. All information is based upon current product interests, and product plans and priorities can change at any time. SolarWinds undertakes no obligation to update any forward-looking statements regarding future product plans and development efforts if product plans or priorities change.

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