What We're Working On for ARM (Updated: October 27, 2020)

Solarwinds Access Rights Manager (ARM) 2021.4 has shipped and we are busy working on the next release.

We will update the list below in the next weeks, in the interim here's a status update:

  • Common Criteria Certification.
  • Communication. Encryption between all ARM components by default. (ARM 2021.4)
  • Web client. Support customized branding.
  • Rich client. Introduce feature tagging/filtering.
  • Permission Analysis
    • Reporting. New/updated reports.
    • Web client. Add resource view and related functionality. (ARM 2021.4)
    • DFS Support. Improve performance and location awareness. (ARM 2021.4)
    • Microsoft 365. Improve general scan performance. (ARM 2021.4)
    • SharePoint Online. Improve configuration. (ARM 2021.4)
    • Easy connect. Increase security and performance. (ARM 2021.4)
  • User provisioning & recertification
    • Data Owner. Configuration improvements. (ARM 2021.4)
    • Data Owner. Management and notification improvements. (ARM 2021.4)
    • Recertification. Improve usability by status grouping. (ARM 2021.4)

As always, if there are features that you'd like to see implemented in Access Rights Manager, please submit your ideas here.