• Almost 17 Years of SQL Injection, Are We Done Yet?

    “After having spent the last two weeks in Asia I find myself sitting in a hotel room in Tokyo pondering something. I delivered a few talks in Singapore and in Manila and was struck by the fact that we’re s...
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  • The Rumors Are True...Our Free Customer Training Program is Expanding

    Last quarter we announced the release of Virtual Classrooms, our free product training program for customers with active maintenance. The response to these deeply technical and hands-on courses has been stupendous. &n...
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  • Are you new(ish) to Orion? We want to speak with you!

    We are currently looking for 4-5 users who fall in the criteria listed below and would be willing to participate in a User Experience session - which awards 2,000 thwack points and you get to work with some really awe...
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  • Where the Cloud Makes Sense

    In the past few articles I’ve been covering the issues around moving your database from on-premise servers to the cloud. And there are definitely a lot of issues to be concerned about. In my last article I dug i...
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    Well, if you have been following along with my DBaaS series you know that we are slowly getting through the different services I mentioned in the first article. Up this week is Amazon Web Services' (AWS) RDS offering....
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  • Keeping Your Secrets Secret

    MONDAY, 11:32PM RADIUS is down and now you can’t log into the core routers. That’s a shame because you’re pretty sure that you know what the problem is, and if you could log in, you could fix it....
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  • thwack Monthly Mission - August 2015

    Coming off of SolarWinds' annual virtual learning event, thwackCamp 2015 provided thousands of attendees with several deep-dive, best practice and how-to sessions on a number of topics regarding SolarWinds products an...
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  • More array support for Storage Resource Monitor in 6.2 RC

    Storage Resource Monitor (SRM) v6.2 Release Candidates is now available in the SolarWinds Customer Portal for customers on Active Maintenance.  Release Candidates can be installed on your production systems and a...
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  • A Deep Dive into Storage Technologies - Part 2

    The latest innovations in storage technology allow organizations to maximize their investment by getting the most out of their storage systems. The desired outcome of optimally managed data storage is that it helps bu...
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  • How To Upgrade To NPM 11.5

    With the exciting release of Orion NPM 11.5 last week, you might be looking for all the information you might need to upgrade, and the steps to do it quickly and easily. Check the Release Notes for Orion NPM 11.5 Re...
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  • When Good OIDs Go Bad: Customizing Device Pollers

    In my last post, I spoke about different ways to Alert in NPM, pairing multiple features together to create powerful ways to create granular alerts and to really reduce on alerting noise.   Well, that’s al...
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  • ROLL CALL!  Cisco Live 2015 Customer Free Lunch & Learn Event

    Troubleshooting Network and Application Performance – Now and in the Future   A little where and when for you: Date: Monday, June 8, 2015 Time: 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Location: Hard Rock Hotel in San...
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  • Make your Data Center sing with Converged Architectures

    What does this CI concept mean? A converged architecture is, to put it simply, a purpose built system, with the inclusion of Server, Storage, and Network, designed to ease the build of a centralized environment for th...
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  • thwack Monthly Mission - May 2015

    Spring has sprung, and there's no better time to get your IT together! Join us this month for a season of polishing your help desk with an insight-packed mission. Complete our weekly IT spring cleaning checklist and b...
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  • Quick Customer Reference Request - No pain, you gain!

    - Survey Closed -   We are in need of a favor.  We need your participation to help us retain our Microsoft Core Competency levels that help us continue to develop our software solutions.   If you are ...
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  • A Deep Dive into Storage Technologies

    Most organizations rely heavily on their data, and managing all that information can be challenging. Data storage comes with a range of complex considerations, including:   Rapid business growth creates an incr...
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  • Could SNMP Please Just Die Already?

    The Simple Network Management Protocol – SNMP – was originally proposed by way of RFC–1067 back in 1988. While that doesn’t hold a candle to TCP/IP which is approaching middle age, SNMP, at the...
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  • Orchestration Considerations on Disaster Recovery As A Service

    In previous posts, I’ve explored differing aspects of concerns regarding orchestrations from a management level on Application Deployment, particularly in hybrid environments, and what to both seek and avoid in ...
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  • Mr. Robot: When Cyber Security Fiction Meets Reality

    First off, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Damon, and I am the Managing Editor of Geek Speak. I’m not sure why it has taken me so long to post a blog. But that said, I’d like to thank you al...
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  • Server & Application Monitor - What we're working on beyond SAM 6.2

    Server & Application Monitor 6.2 included a boatload of great new features that are going to be difficult to top, but that isn't going to stop us from trying. Here is a sneak peek at just a few of the items the te...
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