• Custom properties – How do you use them? SHOW US

    We are working to improve the onboarding process for NPM and SAM. As such, we are looking for real world examples of every-day practical ways our customers can use custom properties. We would like your real world exam...
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  • What tools do you use in addition to SolarWinds? Take us on a tour and get 2000 thwack points

    The SolarWinds UX (User Experience) team is interested in learning more about other tools you use in addition to/to supplement SolarWinds. Do you use other monitoring products in addition to SolarWinds? We want to see...
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  • thwack Monthly Mission - October 2015

    This month we’re counting on you, the guardians of security.  Each day we'll release a new question focusing on SolarWinds SIEM: Log & Event Manager and it's your job to get out there and take down all ...
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  • How To Upgrade To NPM 11.5

    With the exciting release of Orion NPM 11.5 last week, you might be looking for all the information you might need to upgrade, and the steps to do it quickly and easily. Check the Release Notes for Orion NPM 11.5 Re...
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  • Application Troubleshooting: Making Molehills Out of Mountains

    How does troubleshooting today compare with troubleshooting 10 years ago? When:           August 2005 Where:          An...
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  • The Pros and Cons of Today’s Storage Technologies

    There is a veritable food court of storage technologies on the market. How do you go about finding the solution that’s a good fit for your organization? In my earlier blogs I talked about hyper-convergence, open...
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  • Using the Cloud for Test and Development

    In the past few articles I’ve discussed the different aspects of moving your databases to the cloud. Based on the feedback and the talks I’ve had with people in the industry clearly most businesses have no...
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    Security is Everyone’s Job     “Never was anything great achieved without danger.” -Niccolo Machiavelli   As we begin National Cybersecurity Month, it's a great time to reflect on how ...
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  • Avoid Performance Bottlenecks With These Storage Tips

    What makes an application perform optimally? I would say it is when there is collaborative performance from the server or the VM running the application, the network on which the application is used, and the storage. ...
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  • How to Endure Application Performance 24 x 7

    Do you want your applications to perform at their best 24 x 7? Would you like to boost your organization’s productivity? Of course, everyone wants this, and here’s how: continuous monitoring of the applica...
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  • thwack Monthly Mission - September 2015

    September brings relief in many forms; the kids go back to school, a much needed 3-day weekend to celebrate our labor, and for some of us, a hint of cooler weather.  This month we're also "relieving" you from the...
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  • Awaken Your IT Force: Generalists Must Secure a Specialty or Venture into Versatility

    The need for disruptive innovation is driving businesses to seek better, faster, and cheaper options to internal IT. This coercive effort to find the best-fit technology is putting the squeeze on IT departments, IT bu...
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  • Popular Remote Connection Options in DameWare Remote Support

    DameWare Remote Support allows IT admins to connect to remote computers wherever they are situated—whether they are inside the network or outside, and whether they are attended or unattended. To underscore and m...
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  • Spear Phishing - It Only Takes One Click

    “Spear phishing continues to be a favored means by APT attackers to infiltrate target networks”. - Trend Micro Research Paper 2012   “The reason for the growth in spear phishing: it works&rdquo...
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  • How to Upgrade to SAM 6.2.1

    Interested in upgrading to SAM 6.2.1? Here’s all the information you might need to upgrade, and the steps you’ll need to take to do it quickly and easily.   Prepare your Upgrade 1. Check the Release...
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  • Dameware 12.0 Release Candidate is Available now!

    We have all been waiting for this, and now it's here: the Dameware 12.0 Release Candidate is now ready for you on the Customer Portal! Don’t wait, just download it while it’s still fresh and hot. However, ...
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  • IT security tales from the crypt…err data center

    I was working in the data center, late one night When my eyes beheld an eerie sight For my SIEM began to screech And suddenly there was a breach…   Ok, ok—that was a bit cheesy. But hey, it’s ...
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  • Announcing Storage Resource Monitor 6.1 GA

    If you haven't noticed, Storage Resource Monitor 6.1 is now GA!  What does this mean?  More array support!  This release adds additional device support to the Orion Module, allowing customers to monitor...
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  • You Don't Know thwack - The Onboarding Mission

    Limited-time promotion October 1 - 31:Complete this onboarding mission before October 31st and you will be entered to win a Surface Pro 3 and 1,500 thwack points that can be used in our store!  Winner will be ann...
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  • The Evolution of the IT professional: Journey to the Cloud

    The cloud needs no introduction. It’s perhaps one of, if not the most, pervasive topics in IT today, and the pace of adoption of cloud-based technologies is rapidly increasing. However, in almost all environment...
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