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  • Do you two-factor

    In your personal life do you use two-factor authentication? And what's your tool of choice?   I'm sure this isn't a complete list so please comment.
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    last modified by Richard Phillips
  • Network Security Cameras - Lack of IT Oversight

    Physical Security’s - Cyber Problem   "Demand for surveillance cameras has grown quickly during the last decade; and is forecast to continue growing in the coming years. It is estimated that 9.9 million pr...
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    last modified by Mig Paredes
  • Azure Network Watcher v/s Solarwinds

    Hello All,   To monitor the network resources in Azure cloud environment which is the better tool for monitoring?   You can also share your views in comments in detail. For ex. at network level what we can...
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    last modified by alankar.srivastava
  • How are you managing your monitoring scripts?

    Systems admins, you're writing powershell and other automation scripts constantly. How do you manage these?
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    last modified by serena
  • Configure Limitations - Site:'Unknown'

    When running a Network Discovery I have been unable to find where I can add a Site Custom Property when importing the results, therefore all devices are added to Site: Unknown.   This means that when I have set ...
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    last modified by nwilson8989
  • What do you use primarily for Instant Messaging in work (IM)?

    Do you use any IM in work at all or maybe some fancy collaboration platform instead?
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    last modified by Peter Krutý
  • Quantum Computing or Artificial General Intelligence

    Reading The Actuator - October 2nd made me think. Which technology is more likely to lead to Skynet?
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    last modified by jfaldmo
  • Should this be a "Bug" or a "Feature Request", what do you think?

    So, I've been working on an issue we noticed that at first I thought affected only a few of our switches, but as time progressed I was able to identify 4% of them as being affected.   I finally had a breakth...
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    last modified by Craig Norborg
  • OS Supportability in Log and Event Manager

    As we continue to grow Solarwinds Log and Event Manager, we want to ensure we are on the latest code to alleviate any potential security vulnerabilities that may pop-up from time to time in 3rd party code. While at th...
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    last modified by Capt. Obvious
  • Azure API Polling

    Microsoft provides an incredibly rich set of REST APIs, see REST API Browser | Microsoft Docs  I'm curious, what APIs do you want to see OOTB support for from the Azure suite? I've provided some options below, ...
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    last modified by serena
  • Cyber Security Awareness October!

    What are you doing for Cyber Security Awareness month this October 2018? The president sent a tweet and I changed my password. Apparently, according to Bloomberg, the Chinese manufacturer for SuperMicro has been embed...
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    last modified by knucklebusted
  • Would you but Solarwinds as a service?

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    created by gljb77
  • Members to receive Thwack Points for attending Labs, Thwack Camps, etc.

    This is a poll to generate interest for Thwack members to receive Thwack points for attending live Solarwinds Lab sessions, Thwack Camps, visit Solarwinds booths at conferences, other webinars, etc. My justification i...
  • Do you support/host an SAP landscape?

    For those few of us who are fortunate enough to have SAP running in our landscapes we appreciate the weight it carries in regards to priority and business criticality. If you have been "blessed", like I have, to be in...
  • Should Thwack Monthly Missions Open to Australians ASAP?

    All the monthly thwack missions exclude Australia. Im sure there are lots of users that are from Australia as i always see a few comments along the lines of "When can Australia Play?" Little poll to show Solarwinds ...
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    last modified by xandurr
  • What is the worst question you have ever been asked in IT?

    What is the worst question you have ever been asked in IT?
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    last modified by zennifer
  • Monitor thick or autonomous access points

    As we known,solarwinds support  Monitor thick or autonomous access points that support the standard 802.11 MIB including Aruba, Cisco, Ruckus, Motorola, Meru Networks, Aerohive, and Juniper wireless controllers &...
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    last modified by tiphannie
  • Do you usually answer "No" in polls?

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    last modified by wluther
  • How Do You Sort "All Nodes"?

    Now that I have used Solarwinds in two different companies, I have had a chance to see quite a bit of variance with how the environments can be set up. The thing I noticed immediately from my previous job to my curren...
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    last modified by Scott Sadlocha
  • Backpack

    Do you have the Thwack backpack?
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    last modified by desr

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