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  • Where is your organization’s help desk deployed?

    Answer this question to complete Q5 of the THWACK Monthly Mission - November 2019
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    last modified by yumdarling
  • Element based licensing VS New SAM Node based licensing

    Creating this poll to understand how ppl are feeling about new SAM node based licensing and no element based method available... ofcourse for the existing users of element based, it will still be available...   ...
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    last modified by pratikmehta003
  • What IaaS offerings does your cloud strategy consist of? Where do you run IT?

    Simple enough, where do you run IT?
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    last modified by scott.driver
  • Show us your Halloween costumes over the years

    It's Halloween!  Post a picture or three of yourself in costume to help us celebrate and break up the day!   Yes, these are all pictures of me.
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    last modified by rschroeder
  • Hey Orion Maps users! How many maps have you created?

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    created by ashley.orr
  • How do you SSH to your devices?

    When SSHing to devices, do you prefer Credentials-based authentication or Certificate-based authentication?
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    last modified by peter.ksenzsigh
  • Pingdom Packaging

    We're looking to maybe break up Pingdom into two plans to separate it by its major functions. When evaluating a web monitoring solution like Pingdom, which approach to packaging do you believe is better for your needs...
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    last modified by matt.pitcher
  • Do you use Orion SDK (SWIS) ?

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    last modified by juniordev
  • Server Infrastructure

    What type of Server infrastructure do you use?
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    last modified by tmichael
  • How long is your password for your elevated rights account?

    We all follow security best practices and don't log into our email with the same account that gives us elevated privileges on our servers, right?  To that end, how long is the password you use for your privileged...
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    last modified by jbiggley
  • How Many Screens does your NOC have?

    These days wall space is a premium, and so is keeping your budget. I always enjoyed watching certain government IT groups come out of their cave at the end of the fiscal year to use their remaining budget. This produ...
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    last modified by cahunt
  • What is your favorite of these 4?

    Im gathering numbers for a project please vote- Thank you.
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    last modified by nato
  • Microsoft Wins Pentagon’s $10 Billion JEDI Contract, Thwarting Amazon

    The Department of Defense on Friday awarded a $10 billion technology contract to Microsoft over Amazon in a contest that was closely watched after President Trump ramped up his criticism of Amazon’s founder
  • Configure Limitations - Site:'Unknown'

    When running a Network Discovery I have been unable to find where I can add a Site Custom Property when importing the results, therefore all devices are added to Site: Unknown.   This means that when I have set ...
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    last modified by nwilson8989
  • Is it time for SWUGs to be broadcast online?

    Given the plethora of interesting topics presented at the SWUGs, venue limitations, travel limitations, etc., would you like to see SWUG meetings recorded and/or broadcast LIVE Online?
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    last modified by mlcc2000
  • npm poll

    which npm software do you prefer?
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    last modified by fmasotti
  • Pingdom RUM 2.0 Features

    Please only choose one of the items below as your top choice for adding as a feature to the next generation of Pingdom Real User Monitoring. Details to the individual feature requests are linked below to each choice: ...
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    last modified by matt.pitcher
  • Quantum Computing or Artificial General Intelligence

    Reading The Actuator - October 2nd made me think. Which technology is more likely to lead to Skynet?
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    last modified by jfaldmo
  • Game of Thrones Victor

    With Game of Thrones starting this weekend, what person do you wish to be the person who sits on the Iron Throne?
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    last modified by kremerkm
  • NTA / UDT / IPAM integration

    Which of the following integrations you would welcome? ( examples of use cases provided, but feel free to add more! ) Thanks
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    last modified by peter.ksenzsigh

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