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  • The News

    The News is always on but is it useful/wanted/correct?  
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    last modified by solaruser99
  • Time to procure software licenses

    The boss man comes to you and says that the organization is kicking off a new project, but it requires licenses for Windows Server and/or Microsoft SQL. How long does it typically take to procure new software licenses...
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    last modified by aLTeReGo
  • Any issues with new Microsoft Update Rollouts yet?

    Has anyone experienced any issues with the new Microsoft methodology of combining all updates into the Security / Windows monthly rollup update?
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    last modified by shartz
  • Thawk Camp

    Are you attending Thawk Camp Sept 18-19th? Excited cant wait.
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    last modified by desr
  • What do people think...

    What does the end user think when you coming walking down the hall?
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    last modified by desr
  • How do you monitor your workstations

    There has been some discussion lately on how to monitor an organizations workstations with Solarwinds Products.  I wanted to poll my fellow Thwackers on how they accomplish this task.
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    last modified by CourtesyIT
  • THWACK Points for Attending a SolarWinds Virtual Classroom On-Demand, Please…

    Despite the varied Dates and Times, for each of the SolarWinds Live Virtual Classrooms can you attend them all?   This Poll is for us SolarWinds Engineers and Administrators that:      ...
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    last modified by dc4networks
  • What's your company's ratio of users to I.T. support staff?

    Just a little bit of math.   For starters, just include your company's employee count, and don't include non-employee customers you may support in the math or ratio.   But feel free to put in a Comment tha...
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    last modified by rschroeder
  • Which one would you pick?

    If you were looking to buy a new truck, which would you pick? Please comment on your reason why?
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    last modified by bobmarley
  • How many end-users does your help desk team support?

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    last modified by Wendy Abbott
  • Chicken Wings

    I LOVE CHICKEN WINGS! I'm interested in knowing who else loves them as much as I do. Also, leave a comment with your favorite wing spot (if you have one).
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    last modified by grayzacx
  • which cloud platform is best to use (cost wise, user friendly, less complicated)

  • Correlating children to amount of hair loss

    The topics of kids and the challenges they bring are common topics at work. One such conversation involved the difficulty between raising girls vs. boys. As I looked around I noticed a pattern where those with only bo...
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    last modified by doberhol
  • Missions & Polls

    How many people would like to see additional ways to earn points each month?
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    last modified by desr
  • Video Conferencing

    So being in Cement, we can sometimes be a little behind on some technologies.  We are starting to get in to Video Conferencing.    There are many to chose from.   We office 365 so we have...
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    last modified by jeremymayfield
  • Jacket or Windbreaker?

    Which one would you get first if you could only get one?
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    last modified by stephenw13
  • Vulnerability Management Options

    We have been looking at Vulnerability Management solutions and wanted to here some opinions on why they went a certain direction.   What solution are you operating on and comment if you wish.
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    last modified by kremerkm
  • Why do you NOT upgrade to the latest SolarWinds version

    Recently I came across an old poll that was asking what version of SolarWinds people were using. I always stay up to date and was a little surprised to find that many use older versions.
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    last modified by Richard Phillips
  • Does your company back-up end-user Workstations?

    Please take all polls in this series: Who in IT is responsible for workstation backup? If you are not backing up all your workstations, why?
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    last modified by DanielleH
  • In your opinion, what is the grooviest, most funkadellic new feature in both Network Performance Monitor 12 and Network Performance Monitor 12.1?

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    created by Wendy Abbott

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