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  • BBQ means...

    Acknowledging that different areas have different understandings or ideas about what constitutes barbecue, what does it mean to you?  Many will turn to outdoor cooking for the upcoming Independence Day holiday.&#...
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    last modified by bleggett
  • July Monthly Mission - Question 17

    Now touring with a revamped the stage design that's cleaner and cooler than ever, what aspect of SolarWinds new Orion UI are YOU the biggest fan of?
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    last modified by maria.bungau
  • Does anyone use the Solarwinds 'N-able' product?

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    last modified by smcintyre@lantekcs.com
  • Your Job Roll

    I am curious how much of your time is spent as a Solarwinds Admin (or whatever title you chose) and how much time is spent in other roles.    For me, my job title is Campus Network Engineer but I am the on...
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    last modified by jim.couch@loves.com
  • Configure Limitations - Site:'Unknown'

    When running a Network Discovery I have been unable to find where I can add a Site Custom Property when importing the results, therefore all devices are added to Site: Unknown.   This means that when I have set ...
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    last modified by nwilson8989
  • What time would you dial in?

    We are trying to see how different people interpret times in emails or other communications. The discussion started when we got an email advising that the firewall changes would take no more than 5 minutes and that th...
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    last modified by mikegale
  • Network Security Cameras - Lack of IT Oversight

    Physical Security’s - Cyber Problem   "Demand for surveillance cameras has grown quickly during the last decade; and is forecast to continue growing in the coming years. It is estimated that 9.9 million pr...
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    last modified by Mig Paredes
  • Where would you like Dameware to improve performance?

    There are various possible improvements for Dameware, but this time I'd like to better understand performance issues specifically.   Please if you have any other areas let us know in comments!   Do you hav...
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    last modified by Peter Krutý
  • Azure Network Watcher v/s Solarwinds

    Hello All,   To monitor the network resources in Azure cloud environment which is the better tool for monitoring?   You can also share your views in comments in detail. For ex. at network level what we can...
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    last modified by alankar.srivastava
  • How are you managing your monitoring scripts?

    Systems admins, you're writing powershell and other automation scripts constantly. How do you manage these?
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    last modified by serena
  • Do you use a password manager?

    With all the website hacks and data dumps of the last few years, it seems a password manager is looking like a better choice every day. I have been looking at a few, but have been hesitant to take the leap yet.
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    last modified by sparda963
  • Azure API Polling

    Microsoft provides an incredibly rich set of REST APIs, see REST API Browser | Microsoft Docs  I'm curious, what APIs do you want to see OOTB support for from the Azure suite? I've provided some options below, ...
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    last modified by serena
  • Who will be the first Thwillionaire

    Who will be the first Thwillionaire - Thwack Millionaire
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    last modified by bobmarley
  • DPA Users - Please answer this question about registering new database instances!

    We're interested in knowing what option you choose when you register a new database instance (feel free to add comments below as well). Typically, do you      
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    last modified by ccousineau
  • Quantum Computing or Artificial General Intelligence

    Reading The Actuator - October 2nd made me think. Which technology is more likely to lead to Skynet?
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    last modified by jfaldmo
  • Should this be a "Bug" or a "Feature Request", what do you think?

    So, I've been working on an issue we noticed that at first I thought affected only a few of our switches, but as time progressed I was able to identify 4% of them as being affected.   I finally had a breakth...
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    last modified by Craig Norborg
  • Got a favorite driving song?

    With summer coming up quickly I figured it would be interesting to come up with a new playlist for the summer cruise!
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    last modified by jspeer
  • How many alerts do you have configured in Orion?

    How many alerts do you have configured (and ENABLED) in Orion? The answers to this question will obviously be affected by 3 things, so feel free to explain in the comments. As far as I can see, the 3 primary factors a...
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    last modified by sturdyerde
  • Which Network Insight™ should we work on next?

    Answer this poll to complete Question 5 of the THWACK Monthly Mission - June 2019.
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    last modified by DanielleH
  • Do you own (a) dog(s)?

    This morning, I was walking my dog, thinking of my tasks today at work, and what questions I would post on Thwack. Then I thought, I should post a poll for dogs owners on Thwack. Maybe another month, we can post for c...
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    last modified by ebradford

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