• What would you buy if money magically appeared?

    Say you get to spin a magic wheel of money and win between $1,000 - $5,000... what would you buy? Think big people! I've listed a few "categories" but I'd love comments. It's always fun to dream. (and no I have not fo...
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  • HTTP/HTTPS User Experience Monitor - REGEX Content Validation

    Open for Voting
    12 votes
    SAM's HTTP/HTTPS User Experience Monitor content validation uses a simple string search mechanism. SAM searches for the existence of a user defined string value on a web page, or the absence of that string, to determi...
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  • Unable to Add Node (choose resources hangs) after 11.5 upgrade

    Hello Thwack Peeps! I would imagine this has been answered.. but searching hasnt turned anything up..    Here's the issue:  SNMP Tests Successful..  and then NPM hangs on the Choose Resources sc...
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  • Report Writer SQL Help

    Hi All,   Complete SQL Noobie and struggling with writing a report.   I need a report to display all nodes from the "Example"* comments that have not been rebooted in 90 days or greater.   I can crea...
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  • Monitor Databases in the Amazon cloud with DPA 9.1

    SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) has always been the way to quickly get to the root cause of application performance problems. Now with DPA 9.1, we have extended the same great functionality to databases...
    created by kathleen.gibbs
  • Config Change Template without having to select a node?

    Hi   in every Config Change Template there is this: PARAMETER_LABEL @ContextNode         NCM Node .PARAMETER_DESCRIPTION @ContextNode        ...
    created by Trabix
  • Alerting Change Management

    Open for Voting
    17 votes
    We have found a feature that would be awesome in NPM / SAM. We have a few of us here that take care of all of the alerting aspects of SolarWinds. We think it would be a huge benefit to be able to turn on change manage...
  • Support for NX-OS/Cisco Nexus family switches

    Open for Voting
    66 votes
    VNQM does not support the creation or monitoring of IPSLA Operations on Cisco Nexus platform running NX-OS. Please add functionality for these devices as they are commonly used as datacenter switches and currently on...
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  • Juniper RPM (AKA Juniper IPSLA)

    Open for Voting
    80 votes
    Hi   I would like to put that on the table ones more :-) This will sure make the IPSLAM  much more interesting and relevant to pepole that doing the move from "green" to "blue". Juniper RPM work like cisc...
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  • SCP Branded Shirt Interest?

    As a result of recent interest in SCP branded polo shirts, I've been discussing the idea with a vendor to offer them up for sale to SCPs.  The idea right now is to offer a male and a female version, with one or t...
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  • Just stood up LEM, and admin account is read-only?

    We just stood up three LEM servers (on different networks) and I am able to login with the default admin account. The first thing I tried to do was create a user... but when I went to Users, all the user creation opti...
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  • thwack Monthly Mission - April 2015

    Whew... It's already April folks. It had me thinking about just how long we've been running monthly missions on thwack.  Quick history lesson, the first thwack monthly mission kicked off in January 2013 and we've...
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  • Add SWIS features to IPAM

    Open for Voting
    60 votes
    The ability to script create, read, update, delete items in Solarwinds to include kicking off discovery of subnets would be very benefitial...
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  • Force10 FTOS version - What is the correct SNMP MIB?

    Hi all,   NPM seems to be pulling the wrong information for Force10 FTOS version numbers and I'm looking for some help getting that worked out.  Below is the output from a 'show version' on a Force10 switch...
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  • Trap Server Settings

    May i know what should i fill in the "Trap Details Pattern" under "Trap Details" tap in the "Edit Trap Rule" window.   Can i fill in anything from the "Trap Details" column under Trap Viewer.
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  • Staggering transactions in WPM

    I currently have a server that is often at 100%+ player load. The issue I have is that it looks to peak close to the 5 minute transaction interval and then settle down. I'm guessing every 5 minutes its setting all 90 ...
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  • Kiwi Syslog Server free ed. not receiving SNMP Traps version 2c

    Hello Everybody.   I'm having troubles receiving SNMP Traps v 2c on Kiwi Syslog Server Free edition. Although it is described in the feature list that this is supported (also in the documentation), i can receiv...
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  • Reports needed (closed 24hs and 120hs)

    Open for Voting
    4 votes
    Of the calls closed during the month, I need the number closed with 24 hours (one day) and the number of calls closed within 120 hours (5 days).
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  • Do you know LogBinder?

    We're curious to know how many of you are familiar with or use LOGBinder. LOGbinder
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  • There was a Bug, did you notice?

    Short of Posting simple numeric counting posts, 1,2,3,4..... etc. did anyone else notice the Bug in Geek Speak?   Obviously posting 1,2,3 would have been obvious... and noticed much sooner than nonchalantly exte...
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