• Adicionar monitoramento de servidor Jboss

    Estou tentando adicionar um monitoramento de um servidor Jboss pelo SAM e ocorre o erro abaixo:   Testing on node failed with 'Unknown' status   Cannot connect to JMX server   A co...
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  • Totally 80's Action Figures

    If you were a child or even adult of the 80's then I'm guessing most of you geeks out there in Thwackland had a collection of action figures as your go to form of entertainment.  Personally I would like to setup ...
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    Open for Voting
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    Hello, everybody!  I think greate ideiat monitoring Load Average of ours Linux Servers. So I don´t want only monitoring by OID, I need that the Applications run automatic, and resolve the treshould usin...
  • Allow bulk editing of application monitor custom properties in Manage Application Monitors

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    As application custom properties can only be applied to application monitors, not application templates, the limitation of having to individual touch every application monitor to update it (whether via Manage Applicat...
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  • SAM Agent Plug-in for Dell OpenManage

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    SAM is plagued with the difficulty or utilizing WMI only for some items (such as Hyper-V) and SNMP only for some items (such as Dell OpenManage for hardware - not their fault, Dell doesn't support WMI).   It's b...
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  • Best Energy Drinks

    Which do you consider, as the best Energy Drink?
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  • Did you go to VMworld 2015?

    I was able to go to VMworld in 2010, 2011 and 2012 and missed last year and this year.  I am have having serious withdrawal pains.   I find myself surfing Twitter and other sources so I can try to put mysel...
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  • What Windows browser works best for you when managing NPM and NCM?

    When I first started using NPM and NCM in 2004 I found I couldn't manage them reliably with Internet Explorer or Chrome.  They worked perfectly with Firefox, so I made that my go-to Browser for Orion products. &n...
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  • advanced VNQM reports

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    as everyone knows, VNQM module provides call details anymore(call origin, origin region, call destination, dest. region, call status, MOS, packet loss and etc. from CDR and CMR files) and We have added call managers a...
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  • What's the worst thing you can say to a SysAdmin?

    SysAdmins are people too. The problem is the end-users of the world don’t know when they have touched a nerve when speaking with you. Vote for what you think is the worst thing to say to a SysAdmin. Then, feel f...
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  • Deploying Virtual Appliances

    Are you comfortable with deploying virtual appliances?   We're discussing ways to deploy new products that may interact with your NPM (and other SolarWinds) deployments and one of our options is a virtual applia...
    nicole pauls
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  • What We're Working on for NPM

    Since the release on NPM 11.5 we've been hard at working building the next round of exciting functionality and improvements in existing functionality.  I'm excited to share the following list of items we're worki...
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  • Changeing the database server

    My current setup of WHD is on a sql server that we are having issues with. We want to move the database to a new sql server.  I see in the application where I can point the database.  Is this were make the c...
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  • NPM

    hi all   anybody give me Network Performance Monitoring lab guide
    anuj gupta
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  • Monitoring VM allocation policy (time/ space share)

    Greeting, I have a question please: Can I monitor the VM switching to specify whether it works in space share or in time share at specific point of time? If yes, How? Thanks in advance.
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  • Where the Cloud Makes Sense

    In the past few articles I’ve been covering the issues around moving your database from on-premise servers to the cloud. And there are definitely a lot of issues to be concerned about. In my last article I dug i...
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  • spread the word

    What was life like before using SolarWinds? (Include what you were using and why you decided it was time for a change)   After using NPM we are satisfied user. Which SolarWinds product(s) saved your bacon? N...
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  • Cisco ASR9K

    Memory poller for devices which support CISCO-ENHANCED-MEMPOOL-MIB (various Cisco devices). Poller utilizes GetSubtree request to gather used memory using OID: cempMemPoolHCUsed = Poller...
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  • Make your Data Center sing with Converged Architectures

    What does this CI concept mean? A converged architecture is, to put it simply, a purpose built system, with the inclusion of Server, Storage, and Network, designed to ease the build of a centralized environment for th...
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  • Where is the log file located in for NPM and other modules

    Hi,   Can anyone tell me where exactly i can find the log file for NPM and other modules in Orion? I have NPM, NCM, UDT, VNQM and UDT modules in environment.
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