NCM - should....... what? What do YOU want in NCM? Come VOTE!


     I'm the new PM of NCM, some of you know me pretty well from some of my other roles.


     Now then let's get back on point, shall we?


     I'm wanting to know which of the following you feel should be introduced or updated within NCM.  The goal is to focus on what you truly are needing from within the product today and in the near future.  To do that I'm going to place some ideas below that I've read on THWACK and have been requested through support, sales, and other channels.  This will help me to make sure that I'm aligning NCM to meet your needs and that it is growing in the correct direction, with you.


     Once I get an idea of what YOU all are interested in, I'll be diving more into the solutions you're needing.  I appreciate your time to vote on the below, and I look forward to all the comments.


While you're at it, if you don't mind talking with me message me on THWACK I'd be happy to chat with you on any of these topics.


Thank you



Poll Results
  • Firmware Vulnerability - Juniper / Fortigate / More (12%)
  • Chart Widgets - Remove pie charts and create stack or donut charts that allow user interaction (10%)
  • Scripting functionality - Python - Automation (26%)
  • Compliance Reports - add to existing and more updates (11%)
  • NCM Auditing - Increase auditing and logging (13%)
  • Configuration Management Page - redesign better flow and usage (13%)
  • Configuration Backup-  via API (9%)
  • Other - please leave a comment below (7%)


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