When will you install the 2019.4 update?

The 2019.4 updates are now available! When are you planning on installing the update in your environment?

Orion Platform 2019.4 and Its Modules Are Now Generally Available


Curious about the last answer regarding .NET 4.8? Yeah, that's there because not one, but SEVERAL commercial applications in our environment were completely nerfed by the .NET 4.8.x framework. Because I want to move forward with this Orion update, I simply removed the Orion agent from all of my Windows servers in order to make sure that the .NET Framework 4.8 package does not get installed on agent-managed servers during the update. IMHO, something that automatically installs a new version of the .NET Framework on an endpoint should be called out in bold, and not just listed as a bullet in the release notes.

Poll Results
  • We installed the RC! (9%)
  • We installed 2019.4 on the day it was release to public GA! (7%)
  • Sometime in November, 2019 (20%)
  • Waiting for HF1 (27%)
  • Need to upgrade our OS and/or SQL Server first (19%)
  • Scared because we've had too many issues with .Net 4.8.x in other applications (9%)
  • Soon, after other priorities are cleared up (10%)



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