Which store item should we add next?

With the THWACK store's return, we have a critical question to ask: what should we do next?


1. Cable Organizer - CableCatch neatly organizes cables, headphones and other cords. Adhere the CableCatch to a desk or side table then simply place cables and cords between the silicone notches for an instantly tidier space. Organize up to 4 cables/headphones/mouse or keyboard cables. Soft silicone allows for quick placement and removal of cables. Includes double-sided tape allowing for placement on side or top of tables.


2. Magnetic Cable Organizer - CableBase is an organizing system that helps manage cords, cables and headphones. Fit one of the 3 silicone holders around your cable, then magnetically mount it to the base. The magnetic system offers the flexibility to move and reposition your cables as needed. The sturdy base can be positioned on top of a desk, night table, or you can use the double sided tape to securely affix it to an edge.


3. Wireless Phone Charger with Emergency Solar Panel - The PowerTrip Wireless is a 6,000 mAh portable power bank featuring Qi wireless technology. Dual USB ports, emergency solar panel and foldout wall plug are standout features that make the PowerTrip Wireless the ultimate portable charger. Charge smartphones, tablets and other USB-powered devices with their supplied charging cables & charge Qi enabled devices wirelessly on the top surface. Lifetime Warranty.


4. Wireless USB Drive + App - Free up space on your phone by wirelessly transferring files to CloudStick. This can be done any time since no internet connection is required. Once music, photos or videos are transferred to CloudStick they are no longer using precious space on your phone but are still easily accessible using the app. Pull them back-up to phone with a few simple clicks. Up to 7 users with the same app can simultaneously connect to your CloudStick to share or download your files. IOS and Android apps available.


5. Smart Button & App - Click+ is a smart button that helps you complete a variety of actions with a simple click. Connect the Click+ to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth and use the app to program your Click+ to perform up to three different actions. A Single-Click of the Click+ performs one action, a Double-Click performs a second action and a Click & Hold performs a third. Set up the Click+ to find your phone, control music, control alarm, take a selfie & more. App for Android and iOS.


6. Simple Key Organizer - Minimize the bulk of your keychain with the KeyStack Lite. This product holds up to 4 keys while maintaining a slim profile. Key stack vertically to reduce space and fold in and out when needed. The included accessories tab allows to you to attach larger keys and fobs.


7. Ankle Socks - Because sometimes dress socks are a bit too much.


8. Rotating Charity Donation - SolarWinds is committed to giving back to the community, see one of our many contributions here. There's a number of logistics required to trade in THWACK points for a charity donation and we're up for the challenge, but this has been requested in the past and we're all ears to hear demand.


9. Other - something else you have in mind? Tell us in the comments below!





Poll Results
  • Cable Organizer (7%)

  • Magnetic Cable Organizer (10%)

  • Wireless Phone Charger with Emergency Solar Panel (44%)

  • Wireless USB Drive + App (7%)

  • Smart Button & App (7%)

  • Simple Key Organizer (12%)

  • Ankle Socks (6%)

  • Rotating Charity Donation (2%)
  • Other - comment below! (7%)


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