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Do you ever notice people sometimes mix specific with Generic? I had an old Peanuts Cookbook. It is meant for kids. In it, they use the phrase, "meat and cheese sandwich." I like it, both meat and cheese refer to classifications of deli toppings, at the same level. I hear phrases like, "Ham and cheese sandwich" as if ham is at the same classification level as cheese. I never hear the phrase "Meat and Swiss sandwich". Probably better to say, "Ham and Swiss".


This one kind of perturbs me, "I now pronounce you man and wife." Shouldn't it be Man and Woman, or Husband and Wife?


Here's one, mixing a non-brand name with a brand name. Probably there are lots of other brandings paired with generic counterparts due to marketing geniuses. Rum and Coke.

Is it raining Cats and Dogs? That's an correct level of comparable classifications. We don't say, "It's raining Persians and Dogs," or "Cats and Terriers." Though, owning a terrier, it might be funny to see an bunch of terriers and cats come from the sky.

What sorts of miss-pairings grind you the wrong way?

Poll Results
  • Ham and Cheese (16%)
  • Man and Wife (31%)
  • Rum and Coke (28%)
  • Please add your own below (25%)


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