Do you follow NCM Feature Requests?

I recently submitted an NCM Feature Request and noticed only 37 people follow that page.  Do you know about it?  Do you want power to vote for suggestions to change its functionality?



You can make a difference in how NPM works, how it looks, how useful it is to you and your company.


To submit your own ideas for improvements or new features, just click the "Create" button at the upper right of Thwack, then click Feature Request.

Give your FR a simple and intuitive title, provide some details below it that show what's broken or what could be made even better.  Throw in a screen shot or two, and then select the "Place" in which it should be advertised to Thwack users.


Follow that group and you can see what others are suggesting, and vote for or against their ideas.

It gives you the power!



Poll Results
  • I didn't know about this, but I'm interested in seeing others' ideas to improve it, and being able to vote those ideas up or down. Besides . . . BACON! (39%)

  • I didn't know about this, and I don't care to see others' suggestions, or to impact NCM's improvement. (4%)

  • I'm one of those 37 people who follow NCM Feature Requests! (7%)

  • I knew about it, but never took the time to follow it. (28%)

  • I don't have NCM so I'm not interested in suggestions for improving it. (9%)

  • I hope others will come up with useful ideas to improve the product, but I don't have interest in being engaged . . . (8%)

  • I didn't see the option in the list above that applies to me--I'll leave a comment below. (5%)



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