How many Veterans do we have here on THWACK?

Since most of you don't really know me so I figured I would give some background on this poll first.


I served in the US Army from 1999 - 2008 and completed several deployments following the events of 9/11.  I served as a Multi-Channel Transmissions Operator as well as convoy security (Army talk for being on top of a truck with big guns).  Anyways, upon my transition from the Army, I moved into the private sector and worked my way up to my current my position with American Eagle.  In my spare time, I'm heavily involved in the Veteran community by serving on the board of directors for 3 Veteran Support Organizations, two locally here in Pittsburgh and one national.  I'm also a member of the WWP and recently signed up for the DAV.  I also volunteer my time as a forum administrator on a site known as "RallyPoint" which is like LinkedIn but only for military personnel and Veterans. 


So through all this stuff, I find it amazing how many Veterans I run into.  It's great to see men and women who served and then moved on to take that training in a new and exciting path following their time in the Armed Services.  And heck, if there are enough of us and if the interest is there, we could also do some sort of meeting or something.


If you feel comfortable, please use the voting buttons below to share if you are a Veteran or not.  I've broken it down by branch as well just to have some fun with it.

Poll Results
  • Army Veteran (8%)
  • Air Force Veteran (5%)
  • Marine Corps Veteran (5%)
  • Navy Veteran (3%)
  • Coast Guard Veteran (0%)
  • Not a Veteran (78%)


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