Infragard - yeah or neigh

Several years ago I was in Oklahoma City and they have a very, very active Infragard community, probably one of the best chapters in the country. It was a great resource for networking and gathering good information and ideas around security. So my question is are you involved? Please comment on why or why not.


For those of you that don't know about Infragard it is an organization created and sponsored by the FBI. It's purpose is to unite security and infrastructure professionals to assist and prep for emergencies. They recruit from the public and private sector from industries such as government, water/sewage, power, banking, etc.



Poll Results
  • Yes - active menber (6%)
  • Yes - member but not active (1%)
  • No - not a member (18%)
  • Never heard of it (71%)
  • Was a member, but no longer (2%)
  • Something else (2%)


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