Monthly Missions on DoD Network

The Dod has recently changed the access to public internet by introducing 443 packet inspection.  It seems this is interfering with the ability to operate the labs in THWACK from within the DOD.  I have been getting a DOD CyberComm block message.  I can always do the questions at home to avoid the issue.  Just wanted to let our .MIL brothers and sisters know if you are seeing the same, I am not sure they will unblock this for us based on the community type.

Poll Results
  • I am DoD user being blocked by CyberComm from accessing the DEMO Labs. (9%)
  • I am DoD user able to  get intoTHWACK Lab Demo logon but not view the console. (5%)
  • I am a DoD user that is having no issues with Demo Labs. (4%)
  • Non DoD User here, we rock! (82%)


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