Are all IT people geeks?

I was thinking about all the things I like doing with tech and my tech toys, and I realized a geek.  And then I considered that I love doing different art related items, and I thought oh, maybe I'm an artist.  And then I remembered all of the projects I do around the house and garage, and how I love working with all my power tools to build things like my shed, my tool cabinet, my rolling tool cart, and so maybe I'm a handyman.  And then I also think about the other things that interest me like muscle cars and tinkering with engines and so I thought maybe I'm a gear-head.  And then lastly I think about the time I would just like to get away from it all and live off the grid without all the distractions in life other than my thoughts and enjoying nature - so I must be an outdoors kind of guy.


I remembered when I was much younger that if you loved one area of interests, that is pretty much all you did so you fell into that niche. Jocks grew up to play sports then later become coaches, Geeks got into technology or science and became inventors or gamers, those with handyman skills got into vocational schools and because carpenters/general contractors/etc, and gear-heads became mechanics or opened their own shops, or got into racing.


Is life supposed to be like Divergent and you're stuck with one group or is everyone in IT like me where there are too many interests and not nearly enough time.  What is it that drives or interests you outside of IT?

Poll Results
  • Nothing - I eat, sleep, and breath anything computers or IT (19%)
  • Tools enthusiast - doesn't matter if power or hand, just call me Mr Fixit (20%)
  • Definite gear head - when I'm not crackin code, I'm at car shows, driving/riding, or tweaking something mechanical (8%)
  • Adrenaline junkie - If I am not feeling fresh air doing something outrageous in air, water or on land, then I'm not living (11%)
  • Culture driven - When I'm done with 9-5, I'm enjoying art in any format whether creating, observing, or attending (eg art gala) (11%)
  • ADD/ADHD - I have too many interests so I need to clone myself like Micheal Keaton in Multiplicity (31%)


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