What's your company's ratio of users to I.T. support staff?

Just a little bit of math.


For starters, just include your company's employee count, and don't include non-employee customers you may support in the math or ratio.


But feel free to put in a Comment that notes how many employees, customers, or employees PLUS customers you serve and do the math for us.





Determine your employee count.


Determine how many I.T. employees inside your company support the total employee count.


Divide employee count by I.T. staff.


Choose the closest answer below.






My company has 17,000 employees, but just 6 Network Analysts.  I can honestly say our ratio is 2883 employees per Network Analyst, or 2883 : 1.


Sure, we have more than just network I.T. types.  There are System Admins managing servers, Info Sec people keeping the data safe, Biomed staff ensuring the hospital gear works perfectly, Apps Analysts making each app jump through its hoops, data center operators, database admins, and more.



Suppose we have 400 I.T. staff spread across 17,000 employees.  That's 42.5 employees per I.T. staff member.      42 : 1 isn't nearly as fun sounding as 2883 : 1.


But since I don't do data center ops, or database analysis, or app support, or work on Biomed equipment . . .  my number for this poll is 2883 : 1.


What's your number?  Please add comments!

Poll Results
  • 10 employees for every 1 I.T. person (13%)

  • 100 employees : 1 I.T. person (40%)

  • 250 : 1 (17%)

  • 500 : 1 (13%)

  • 1000 : 1 (6%)

  • 2500 : 1 (6%)

  • 5000 : 1 (3%)

  • 7500 : 1 (0%)

  • 10,000 : 1 (0%)

  • More than 10,000 employees per I.T.staff member (1%)



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