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Windows Updates to Orion Platform

When it is time for Windows Patching to your SolarWinds Orion environment, do you do anything in particular within the Orion platform and do the updates, or just "let them go"?


We currently shutdown services, and have the server team perform their updates and reboots in a specific order.  Lacking any official guidance from SolarWinds, our server team doesn't want to continue this practice.  We were told by a partner training organization this was the preferred process.  However, we have nothing to provide our server team.  Just curious how everyone else handles Windows Updates.

Poll Results
  • Do Nothing.  Servers gets patched and rebooted during "patching window" with no issue. (65%)
  • Shutdown Orion Services First.  Then Servers get patched and rebooted (No specific order) (21%)
  • Shutdown Orion Services First.  Then Servers get patched and rebooted (Specific Order of reboots -- Please explain in comments) (15%)


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