UPS / PDU systems

This weekend we had a power outage at an offsite location - the PDUs in the racks (intelligent devices) failed when power returned. Each of them went into a dumb state where they could not be controlled, the LCD panel was lit but blank. We pulled the non-functioning PDUs and replaced them to get the equipment back up, but found the root of the problem was with the firmware. After the event I rolled several of these devices back 2 revisions in firmware and found that the functions were restored.


We've been using either TrippLite or APC UPS systems and haven't been very pleased with either of them. I'd like the communities opinion on what you use and the pros and cons of them. Specifically - our experience only.


Our specific use is 3000 VA units located in closets and 16000 VA units located where there is a rack outside of the data center. Our data center has a flywheel unit with a generator backing it up, so UPS is needed in that area.


TrippLite seems to last longer than APC

APC management cards provide better information than TrippLite

TrippLite management cards can be reset with power on, while APC requires a reboot

APC management cards tend to work consistently without needing reset, while TrippLite periodically need to be reset

Both brands of management cards are horrendously expensive considering what they are and the poor interface that they have

Neither brand is very easy to update firmware - OK, the actual update process isn't so bad, but locating the correct firmware (especially for older units) can be very difficult

Both brands tend to be inconsistent in the location of information within their OID tree


You recommendations and Pros/Cons would be very helpful. We are considering the replacement of all of the existing UPS and PDUs that we have.

Poll Results
  • APC (67%)

  • Belkin (6%)

  • CyberPower (0%)

  • Eaton (6%)

  • Liebert (12%)

  • TrippLite (6%)

  • Other (4%)



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