Do you listen to audiobooks while you work?

So I'm a huge fan of audiobooks and have enjoyed books from Tom Clancy, Isaac Asimov, the classics, and recently gotten into Star Wars.  I listen to them while I do many things around the house like cleaning garage, doing the dishes, and other things that I don't have to concentrate on thinking.  So now I wonder there are some routine items that I do at work, could I also listen to my audiobooks during those mindless tasks?  I then wondered how many others do the same.

Poll Results
  • Yes - they help pass the time while I work (23%)
  • No - I need to focus 100% on what I am doing (48%)
  • No - listening to audiobooks does not count as reading, so I won't do it (15%)
  • What is this new technology you speak of???? Books that you listen to??? WHAT????? (14%)


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